Customer Find Coles hidden message

Are you a customer of Coles? Did you notice any strange message at the bottom of the coles products? Many customers are secret seeing messages on the Coles products. They are sharing it on social media. Mainly these messages are founded on the newly released products.

customer-find-coles-hidden-messages Secret Messages 

An Aussie mum has spotted a strange message such as “Let me do your dirty work” on a popular cleaning product. And she posted it on social media and got viral.

A Coles customer Emily purchased a cleaning product, and she was checking the details of that. She found a strange message on the bottom of the bottle. And she checked it on another product and noticed that every bottle has a cheeky comment. She posted an image of this hidden message on her Facebook page, and in a few times, it’s taking social media by storm.

If you bought anything from Coles company, then check what is written on your product. You can find this message on most of the new products when you turn them upside-down. These messages are Cheeky one-liners such as “Stop staring at my bottom,” “My bottle says ‘Clean like a mother,” ha!”, “Let me do your dirty work,” and many more.

List of Coles Hidden Message

Several shoppers found humorous messages and shared them on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These messages can put a smile on your face. Some of them are as follows:

  • “Give clean a chance.”
  • “Take me to your leader.”
  • “You’re cute when you squint.”
  • “My bottle says, ‘Clean like a mother,” ha!”
  • “There’s no junk in my trunk.”
  • What’s your sign, gorgeous?”
  • “Let’s clean naked, baby.”
  • “If you can dish it, we can take it.”

Reasons for Hidden Messages

The company always try to do different and make customers happy. Coles started printing cheeky words like “There’s no junk in my trunk,” “Let’s clean naked baby,” to attract customers. It makes curious people know what will be on their product and they buy more. A person also shared that he will be spending longer at Coles, just checking all of these bottles.

Final words

Coles do many strange things. If you found any secret message or anything else, which is weird. You can share it with us through comments.

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